Chinese Version of “We Got Married” Teases Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bo Lin’s Relationship With New Image

New images for the upcoming episode of “We Got Married” starring Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bo Lin have been revealed.

The official Weibo account for the Chinese “We Got Married,” officially called “We Are in Love,” posted images of its couple along with the caption, “Daeboreum (the first full moon of the year) is right around the corner! We have prepared three different cute rice balls for you~ Which one do you want to eat the most?”

In one of the images, Song Ji Hyo can be seen in an eye-catching red dress, posing with Chen Bo Lin who has a playful smile playing on his lips while trying to feed her rice balls. Song Ji Hyo doesn’t look like she wants to try one, however. One can wonder what kind of relationship these two will have while playing a couple on the variety show. Looks like sparks will fly!

Song Ji Hyo follows in the “Hallyu star” footsteps of Choi Si Won, who was paired with Liu Wen in the previous season. Their first episode together will be aired on February 28.

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