Hwang Jung Eum Transforms Into a Beautiful Bride Just in Time for Her Wedding

Hwang Jung Eum, who will tie the knot on February 26, revealed her wedding photo shoot and interview. She marked the covers of the March issue of Elle Bride and graced the pages of the March issue of Elle as a lovely bride.

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Throughout the photo shoot, Hwang Jung Eum managed to keep on a pleasant smile, though she had to change in and out of several dresses. From an elegant lady to a chic diva in white suit, she took on several different images in the pictorial. For the cover of Elle Bride, she transformed into a graceful bride. The veil that topped her short hair not only gave her a look of pure elegance, but also it managed to maintain her bubbly charms.

hwang jung eum

In a following interview, Hwang Jung Eum said she wanted to keep her love story a secret between her and her fiancé. However, she did reveal how much they love each other and how she was sure their love is destiny.

Though she is only days away from her wedding, she said this is a time for her to look back on the significance of marriage rather than channel her wedding dreams.

“Though we haven’t faced any conflict regarding the wedding, I am going through a lot of thoughts in my head,” she said. “I am definitely more cautious about how I act in comparison to when I was single. I have a lot of respect for those who choose to get married.”

She also promised she wouldn’t be leaving her acting career anytime soon.

“My body is itching this very second. If anything good comes my way, I’m ready to take it on immediately,” she said.

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