Juniel Signs Contract With New Managing Agency

Juniel has moved her agency to C9 Entertainment.

On February 22, a C9 representative said, “We recently signed a contracted with Juniel. The colors of our company fit well with Juniel’s music preferences. It also worked out well because one of our singers, Younha, is already close friends with Juniel.”

Meanwhile, Juniel had been on the search for a new home after her contract with FNC Entertainment ended earlier this year. She decided to join forces with C9 Entertainment, which she trusted would lead her in the right direction. Other artists in this company include Younha, Jung Joon Young, and Cheetah.

“We haven’t discussed a specific comeback schedule yet,” a representative from the agency said. “We will be doing our best to support Juniel and make sure she comeback with good music.”

Meanwhile, Juniel debuted in 2012 and has constantly been releasing albums while making a name for herself as a sing-a-song writer.

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