Song Il Gook Shares Video of Baby Manse Looking Adorably Chubby

Song Il Gook has uploaded photos and videos on Instagram that show how his son Manse has transformed into the super cool kid he is today!

On February 22, the actor first uploaded a video of Manse soon after he was born. He writes as the caption, “This is Manse, who was born small at 1.8 kilograms so he always wore a hat to maintain his temperature. This Manse… ”

A video posted by @songilkook on

He continues in the caption to his next video, “Became a pig like this in a flash~^^.” In the video, Manse is several months older and now much chubbier. We can hear his parents talking, and Song Il Gook jokes, “He looks like he has a jawbreaker in each of his cheeks.”

A video posted by @songilkook on

Song Il Gook then uploaded a much more recent photo of Manse with the caption, “Now he’s a cool guy like this~^^.”

A photo posted by @songilkook on

“He gets in trouble only once in a while,” Song Il Gook writes on another video. The video first shows a bed sheet drying on the family’s dining room chairs, and Song Il Gook says to Manse, “Do you know why I’m drying these?”

As Minguk and Daehan play in the background, Manse comes up to the camera and says, “Someone peed.” Song Il Gook asks who it was, and Manse replies, “Manse!”

“How much did Manse pee?” asks Song Il Gook, and Manse holds his arms out wide and says, “This much!” Song Il Gook then gets Manse to agree that he shouldn’t do that again.

A video posted by @songilkook on

Check out more photos and videos of Daehan, Minguk, and Manse on Song Il Gook’s Instagram here: @songilkook!