Six Bomb Dressed in Pink Stage Outfit Draws Attention

Girl group Six Bomb appeared in Dongdaemun dressed in unique stage outfit drawing everyone’s attention.

On February 21, a video clip of the group Six Bomb’s performance on Dongdaemun stage was posted on YouTube.

They were a part of the “Newcomer Busking Guerrilla Concert” taking place on Dongdaemun’s Migliore outdoor stage. In the video clip, Six Bomb is dressed in revealing pink tights performing their song “Step To Me” which was released last year.

Six Bomb made their debut back in 2012. They made their comeback on February 19 of this year releasing a new album “Wait 10 Years, Baby.”

The fans are calling the skin tight pink outfit “Pink Sausage.” About the eye-catching outfit, they commented, “It’s different and very racy.”

However, the “Pink Sausage” outfit has been deemed inappropriate for public broadcasting. The group’s agency representative commented, “The outfit was specially made to order from overseas. It’s disappointing that we can’t show their performance on television stage.”

Check out the video clip of their Dongdaemun performance here.

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