SHINee’s Taemin Talks Friendship and New Album With Singles

SHINee‘s Taemin graces the cover of the fashion magazine Singles.

Taemin shows off his boy-like charms in a photo shoot fit for the warm spring. His charisma can also be felt from his steady and sedated gaze.

Coming out February 23, “Press It,” Taemin’s first full solo album, will have a total of 10 tracks, and he directly participated in many aspects of the album, even when selecting songs. “It reflects a lot of my own color,” says Taemin, who hopes for good results.

This album’s title track, “Press Your Number,” is a pop dance track that was produced in collaboration with Bruno Mars and the producing team The Stereotypes, arousing the interest of many. Taemin reveals, “A lot of modifications were made to the choreography during practice, so I practiced a lot with my dancers. Please look forward to this album.”


Taemin, who puts all his efforts into every album, chooses EXO‘s Kai and HOTSHOT‘s Timoteo as artists that he wants to work with at least once. He explains, “I want to produce something with my friends. I feel if I’m with my friends, who I’ve been close to since our trainee days, then I can complete anything with overflowing energy.”

See more of Taemin, “the man you can’t help but love,” in his photo shoot and interview with Singles in its March edition.

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