Younha to Take Indefinite Hiatus Due to Illness

It’s been revealed that singer Younha has cancelled all of her upcoming singing schedules due to illness.

On February 23, Younha uploaded a statement to her Naver blog regarding her health and her schedules. She opened up with an apology for causing her fans to worry, and that she debated for a few weeks whether or not to say anything. The apology comes following a recent performance on the JTBC show “Sugar Man,” where viewers noticed a change in her voice.

Younha wrote, “Firstly, there are some who have noticed that my singing style has changed a bit. It’s true that I changed my singing habits a little bit while I was performing in the musical ‘Cinderella,’ but like a golfer who has to adjust to every field he plays on, I am also at fault [for not showing a proper image on ‘Sugar Man’].”

She then went on to address the condition of her voice, which she admitted is due to a deviated nasal septum. “My condition has been getting worse over the last two years. Although it can be fixed through surgery, I currently don’t have the time to relearn how to sing after having the surgery done, so there’s nothing I can do for now.”

Younha assured fans that she would be taking the time in her absence to focus on finding her singing voice again, at which point she said she wants to return with her fifth album. “Rather than beating myself up, I want to take the courage to promise you all that I will show you an upgraded version of myself.”

It’s unclear when Younha’s return will be, but we wish her the best as she takes the time to care for her health.

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