Go Hyun Jung Sets Record Price for How Much She Is Paid Per Episode

Go Hyun Jung, who will be starring in a drama for the first in three years since “The Queen’s Classroom,” will be reaching new records for the highest pay at tvN.

In her new drama, “Dear My Friends,” which will air in May, she will be receiving 60 million won (approximately $49,000) per episode. This is the most out of any of the actresses in the drama.

Writer No Hee Kyung, who is the mastermind behind the scripts of romcoms like “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” will be writing the script for Go Hyun Jung’s first cable drama “Dear My Friends.”

The actress who receives the most after Go Hyung Jung is Kim Hye Soo, who is currently starring in the popular drama “Signal.” She is paid 55 million won (approximately $45,000), and her appearance is worth every penny. “Signal” is currently popular among all generations and has taken first place among all cable channels for its past 10 episodes.

Choi Ji Woo, too, is high up on the list, receiving 50 million won (approximately $41,000) for “Twenty Again.”