Watch: A Pink Continues to Perform Despite Background Music Completely Stopping

During a performance for “The Seventh Winners’ Club Grand Prize” award ceremony on February 12, A Pink experienced technical difficulties when the music completely cuts out while they were performing their song, “Luv.”

The music had a few glitches in the beginning, and completely cut out soon after, while member Hayoung was singing. Instead of panicking, the members continued to perform without hesitation, instead focusing on making the performance still enjoyable for the audience. Surprised, but taking it in stride, the members made the best of the situation.

They not only sang their own parts, but also added their own harmonies, sound effects, and even beatbox during the dance break. Jung Eun Ji even made little comments during the performance, such as, “Wow, this really is a limited (unique) performance.” The audience members participated as well, cheering them along. A Pink finished performing the whole song, showcasing an extremely high level of professionalism.

Watch this once-in-a-lifetime performance below! (The music cuts out at 0:57)

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