13 Times “Cheese in the Trap” Perfectly Captured College Life

Cheese in the Trap” ended just two weeks ago, and viewers are missing it dearly, despite all the mixed reviews about how the drama ended.

One of the merits of “Cheese in the Trap” is that it takes place largely around Korean college life, which is something we’re rarely treated to in K-dramas. By following the story of Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) and all of her friends, we get to have a glimpse of modern day Korean colleges and all the ups and downs that come with them. And it turns out, college isn’t all that different in Korea…

1. When the commute to school is like

2. When you sleep through your alarm

3. 5 minutes before the end of class

4. Trying to sign up for easy electives

5. When the classes/sections you want are already full (and now you’re stuck with morning classes — see #2)

6. When the Freshman (Sophomore/Junior/Senior) 15000000000 is real

7. When you’re trying to study but the library is perfect for napping

8. When you realize you have no money

9. When you have nothing to wear to a job interview. Because you have no money

10. When you realize you have no idea what you’re doing with your life

cheese in the trap 1

11. After an exam

12. When you run into that one guy/girl from that one party.

13. When you finally find your squad

hearteu is a feature content writer for Soompi, but she is first and foremost a college student. Therefore, she knows with sincerity that this article is very true. Her latest obsessions are “Lion Heart” by SNSD, “Jang Young Shil,” and baby Daebak. 

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