Updated: CLC Reveals New MV Teaser for “High Heels” Ahead of Comeback

Update February 28 KST:

CLC has dropped their first music video teaser for “High Heels.” Watch below.

Update February 27 KST:

CLC has revealed new teaser images, their track list, and audio teaser for their upcoming comeback album “Refresh.”

CLC track list Elkie Eunbin Seunghee Seungyeon Sorn Yeeun Yujin

Listen below!

Update February 26 KST:

CUBE Entertainment has revealed the second and final new member of CLC. It’s none other than Eunbin who is currently appearing on Mnet’s girl group survival show “Produce 101.” Stay tuned for her video teaser!

CLC Eunbin

Update February 25 KST:

CUBE Entertainment revealed a new video teaser introducing one of the new CLC members.



Girl group CLC will be returning this month with two new additions to their lineup, and we’ve now been shown a glimpse of the first of their new members!

CLC debuted as a five-member group under CUBE Entertainment in March of 2015, with members Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, and Yeeun. It was recently announced that they will be making a comeback as a seven-member group with their third mini album “Refresh.”

On February 25, a photo of the first new member was uploaded to CLC’s official Facebook. According to the short biography, she is a 17-year-old named Elkie who is from Hong Kong.

CLC’s new mini album “Refresh” will be released on February 29 at midnight KST.