“Running Man” Producer to Leave the Show in March

Fan favorite variety show “Running Man” will be seeing a change in producers starting in March.

On February 25, producer Im Hyung Taek told OSEN that he will be joining the production staff of the Chinese version of “Running Man,” which is set to begin filming its fourth season on March 1. Im Hyung Taek said, “It was recently decided that the Dubai special episode would be my last in Korea. From the next episode onward, the supervising producer will be Kim Joo Hyung, and other young producers who are familiar with the show will likely be handling it.”

Im Hyung Taek added, “The exchange between China and Korea has been going on for some time now, so [it was decided that] Kim Joo Hyung will be taking over.”

The Chinese version of the show wrapped up its third season on January 15. Meanwhile, Im Hyung Taek has been with “Running Man” since its inception in 2010.

Are you sad to see Im Hyung Taek go?

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SBS clarifies that it is not Kim Joo Hyung, who will actually be working with Im Hyung Taek in China, taking over, but that it will be Lee Hwa Jin, Park Yong Woo, and Jung Chul Min, who has experience working as assistant PDs on “Running Man,” taking over the show.

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