EXO’s Xiumin to Feature in AOA’s Jimin’s New Solo Album and MV

A new SM and FNC collaboration has been announced.

On February 25, a representative revealed to TVDaily that “EXO‘s Xiumin will feature in AOA‘s Jimin‘s solo album.” They also say that Xiumin will star in her upcoming music video as well.

Jimin recently posted on her social media a teaser picture, along with the caption “JIMIN’S SOLO PROJECT #OOTD COMING SOON! WHO FROZE HER?” In the photo, she is reminiscent of Elsa from the movie “Frozen,” with all the surrounding snow.

Many have pointed out that the concept matches Xiumin’s superpower, freezing, making it more amusing.

jimin solo project

An official notice posted to the AOA Facebook page later stated that the name of the project is “#OOTD,” and that it will be released on March 3. The “first outfit” is the one that will feature Xiumin.

aoa jimin ootd

Jimin gained recognition for her rap talents through her appearance on the first season of Mnet‘s “Unpretty Rapstar,” and her songs, “PUSS,” “Good Start,” and “GOD” sweeped the charts at the time. Fans are excited for a new song that will showcase her unique high-toned rapping.

This will be the second time Xiumin stars in a music video, following his previous role alongside actress Kim Yoo Jung in the music video for Lovelyz‘s Jin‘s solo, “Without You.”

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