Wonder Girls’ Hyelim and Sunmi Show Off New Makeup for “Elle”

Hyelim and Sunmi from the Wonder Girls participated in an interview and pictorial for Elle magazine as they near 10 years since the Wonder Girls debuted. They show off the new 2016 S/S key makeup looks in the pictorial and also chat about their makeup styles with the magazine.

In the recently released pictorial, you can see Hyelim and Sunmi show off a “cool” makeup look with bright blue and yellow tones, as well as a more tropical look with lilac pink and peach, green and sky blue tones. Their clear skin gave even more beauty as they tried on the diverse range of colors.





Hyelim said, “I finally found the makeup styles that matched me and I worked really hard to lose weight as well,” showing her determination in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sunmi, who is known to be “motae” skinny, or skinny since birth, shared that she always eats Vitamin C for her health, saying, “After a few days of eating it, I noticed that my skin tone brcame brighter and even if I sleep late, I always feel fresh when I wake up,” revealing her secrets to staying healthy amidst a busy schedule.

The original idol group Wonder Girls came back last year with their full length album “Reboot” and once again showed the other girl groups their sexy and matured looks as a four membered group.

You can see more from their interview on the March edition of Elle magazine.

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