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Hi Soompiers! In our forum community, shippers of various real and make-believe couples in the world of K-Entertainment have an abundance of love to share. For the third year in a row, we’ve brought back our strong and proud shipping traditions in the form of a friendly shippers contest.

We have ten different fandoms this year, ranging from “We Got Married” couples, a “Running Man” couple, your favorite K-drama couples, and even a bromance pairing! Whatever your love style, we’re sure to have it! In addition to an introduction, each fandom has tried their creative hand at composing a smash poem for their lovely couple. For exact details, just click here!

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Happy voting and may the best couple win!

SiSo Couple

Kwak Si Yang & Kim So Yeon (SiSo Couple)

“Walk beside me.” This quote is engraved on Si Yang and So Yeon’s couple bracelets, exchanged to signify the end of the 100 day contract that they were bound to and represents the promise of an untold future without any boundaries. It is a promise to take their first step together on a not so smooth forever, by holding each other’s hand along the way.

Walking with the One I Love
[Letter Set: tlbdsfwh i ghswku]

Tasteful latte brings delight,
Sweet frolicking with hands;
Igniting genuine hope,
Sealed with kisses unsurpassed.

Tender love beautiful dates,
Sensuous feel with happiness,
Influencing gracious hearts,
Sweetness with kitty undefined.

Twosome longing blueberry dessert,
Saccharin fingers with honey,
Inviting gorgeous hugs,
Splendid walks, kissing unceasingly.

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Spartace Couple

Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo (Spartace Couple)

To Ji Hyo, he is the Oppa she can trust and fall back on no matter what. To Jong Kook, she is the one for whom he doesn’t have to maintain his Commander image, the yin to his yang.

Running In Love
[Letter Set: Tcfedcbwsknmmpw]

Tranquil, Calm, Forever,
Everyday We Cloaked,
Buried, Withheld Secrets!
Kookie n Mong
Magic, Passion, Wonder!

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YY Couple

Jang Wooyoung & Park Se Young (YY Couple)

“If I look at him in the eye, it’s like the feelings that I couldn’t bear to express is being found out. So those feelings got accumulated and, at some point, it already exceeded the limit, but I kept pretending like I don’t like him.”

Down the Rabbit Hole
[Letter Set: tlbdsfwhighswku]

Their love began, developing steadily.
Falling, with his ideal girl,
her sensitive Wooyoung.
Kisses, unavoidable.

The lines blurred,
Deeply Seyoung falls, with him,
Ignoring gravity. He spirals,
without knowing, Uncontrollable.

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Gaeddeok Couple

Kim Jung Hwan & Sung Deok Sun (Gaeddeok Couple)

They stuck together, even if they bickered a lot. They called each other names they didn’t really mean, but it showed how comfortable they are with each other, because love is the oldest recipe where smells and tastes combine to meet each other as existences.

Goodbye, My First Love
[Letter Set: hppgssyicewcicp]

Heartfelt proposal
Painful gaze,
Savouring sweet youth,
I confessed,
Everything was captivating, I cared passionately.

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YeolGum Couple

Ryu Jun Yeol & Park Bo Gum (YeolGum Couple)

The caring and trusting dynamic reflected in Jun Yeol and Bo Gum’s real life friendship attracted even more fans to the YeolGum pairing. Fans call themselves the YeolGummies, the best type of gummy bear that is made of one part Jun Yeol + one part Bo Gum + a cupful of love + a sprinkling of bromance.

[Letter Set: iolsmpmbdlvoylu]

In our lovable scrumptious minds
picturing marvelous brotherhood.
Don’t let various obstacles
yanking laughter unceremoniously.

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Cheesy Couple

Hong Seol & Yoo Jung (Cheesy Couple)

Like a journey straight out of Austen, Hong Seol and Yoo Jung first met that fateful night at a gathering. Both were full of pride and prejudice that would rival Lizzy and Darcy. A smirk, held gazes, a frantic break in eye contact – and in these moments in a bar full of friends and enemies alike, the trap was laid for our mouse and cheese.

[Letter Set:tcfewcbwsknmmpw]

They cut.
For every word carelessly bestowed
Wields scars,
Keenly nips,
Makes memories poisoned waters.

They cure.
For every word confessed
Bridges woeful silence,
Kindly nurtures,
Melts misunderstandings, paves ways.

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ChangMin Couple

Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young (ChangMin Couple)

When asked about their ideal types, Ji Chang Wook is consistent in what he wants, a cheerful, cute and bright girl who can communicate well. He even consistently chose Chae Young Shin, an extreme version of Park Min Young, as a best match.

First Kiss of Snow
[Letter Set: tlbdsfwhighswku]

The lullabies birds do sing …
Fervently wishing heavens ignite gentle healing …
Synergy warms knowingly … undoubtedly

Today, love brings dawn’s sweet fragrance with happiness
Inundating giving hearts …
Snow’s winter kiss … unforgettable!

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GongLee Couple

Lee Jong Hyun & Gong Seung Yeon (GongLee Couple)

We have witnessed how the laid back and sometimes clueless Lee Jong Hyun became the caring, playful, and protective husband, while the reserved Gong Seung Yeon, following his lead, was slowly breaking out of her shell. They complement each other, they have become pillars in each other’s lives.

That Moment
[Letter Set: hppgssyicewcicp]

Find GongLee’s smash poem in the image!

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OhYe Couple

Oh Min Suk & Kang Ye Won (OhYe Couple)

Yewon has a spontaneous and often random personality. This often caught Minsuk, who is a bit shy but detailed and attentive, off guard. Through ups and downs, talks and arguments, give and take, love and understanding, OHYE Couple has grown strong as a couple over time and have such a lovely relationship.

A Tale of OHYE Couple
[Letter Set: tlbdsfwhighswku]

Troubles Lurk Between Doubtful Spouses, For Weddings Held In Great Hurry.
Self Worries Kept Until The Love Builds Deeper.
Sincere Feelings Within Harnessed Into Great Harmony.
Sukkie, Wonna, Keep United

Click here for OhYe’s full introduction

SunTaek Couple

Park Bo Gum & Lee Hyeri (SunTaek Couple)

Deoksun’s journey is one of growth, of letting go of society’s expectations and learning to love herself. So when Taek finally asks for her heart in the autumn of 1994, she can give it to him readily — it had already been his. It’d only needed asking, so it could be answered. Together, their names form suntaek: the Korean word for “choice.” They are the product of decades spent choosing each other. And every time Taek holds his hand out to Deoksun, they choose each other all over again.

Answer Me, Taek // Your Reply, Deoksun.

Find SunTaek’s smash poem in the image!

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