Lee Beom Soo’s Son Da Eul Declares His Love for His Sister on “The Return of Superman”

Lee Beom Soo’s adorable son, Da Eul, recently showed off his affection for his older sister, So Eul.

On February 25, “The Return of Superman” revealed a teaser of Lee Beom Soo’s family on Naver TV Cast. In the teaser, the family are sleeping together in one room.

Da Eul wakes up after hearing his father snore and he approaches his sister, saying cutely, “Noona’s pretty.” When Lee Beom Soo hears that, he tells Da Eul, “If she’s pretty, then kiss her.” Da Eul immediately goes to hug his sister with the world’s happiest expression on his face.

So Eul tests her brother’s affection by asking, “Then are you going to marry me?” and Da Eul makes everyone laugh by replying without hesitating, “Yes!”

The full episode of “The Return of Superman” will be broadcast on February 28. Watch the last episode below:

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