The Deets on “Refresh Man” Star Aaron Yan

No one’s better at making my heart go thump-thump than Aaron Yan! Perhaps I’ve watched too many of his dramas, but I can just picture it—“Oh Aaron, Aaron. Wherefore art thou, Aaron?” So, in celebration of the upcoming March 5 release of his new drama, “Refresh Man,” I decided to take it upon myself to spread the love and give readers the rundown on this charmer.

Let’s dive in!

Aaron Who?

Aaron Yan
Here’s the quick and dirty: originally a blogger, this Taiwanese heart throb was discovered by Comic Ritz Productions and encouraged to audition for dramas. He began receiving roles and started acting, very successfully I might add, and also broke into the music industry as part of boy group Fahrenheit in 2005, which included members Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, and Wu Chun. He embarked on a solo career in 2011, with the EP “The Next Me.”

He looks… familiar?

Fans of Taiwanese drama may recognize him from several popular dramas! I know I first noticed him in “It Started With a Kiss,” where he made a brief but memorable appearance as the cute Ah Bu. The sequel, “They Kiss Again,” was what really made me a fan! His romance with Chun Mei was adorable, and I loved watching their wedding. However, office romcoms are where Aaron really leaves his mark.

Just You

The two dramas he is most well known for are “Just You” and “Fall in Love With Me.” In “Just You,” he plays germaphobe Qi Yi, who moves back to Taiwan from New York. He becomes the proud new owner of both GAZE marketing design company and a new house. But, uh oh! Turns out, Chen Liang Liang (Puff Guo) is living in that house, and there is no way she’s leaving. He goes to work only to find out she is also employed at GAZE. Desperate to keep control of everything, he issues an order that absolutely no workplaces romances are allowed. We know how that usually turns out…

Fall In Love With Me

Fall in Love With Me” is more of a twist on the boss-worker relationship. He plays Lu Tian Xing, a ~prodigy~ (Geniuses seem to be a bit of a trend for Aaron. Is it because of his face? I guess people want to think of prodigies as incredibly young and stupendously good-looking) in the advertisement field, who takes a three month break to recharge. He decides to work undercover (wow what a “break”) as ‘Xiao Lu’ at OZ, a struggling firm that he wants to revive. OZ owner Tao Le Si (Tia Li) had rebuffed Lu Tian Xing’s offer to buy the company, but Xiao Lu manages to worm his way into both the company and her heart.

Overall, I think “Fall in Love With Me” really showcased Aaron’s versatility, because he played not one, but two characters. I guess the world agrees because he won Best Actor in the 2014 Sanlih Drama Awards. I must say though, what I appreciated most was that they put a fair amount of effort into making sure he looked different. I’ve never been a fan of when characters just put on glasses and then suddenly no one can recognize them (I’m looking at you Superman).

Man of many skills

Aaron Yan

Look at that face! That, everyone, is the face of a 30 year old (forreal), who can not only sing, act, play the piano and flute, but can also speak many languages! He has released songs in both Mandarin and Japanese, which is definitely worth checking out. On top of that, he speaks English quite well, since he lived in America (Connecticut) for five years when he was younger. I love listening to him in English because it’s this deeper version of his regular voice, and let’s be honest, pretty sexy smexy.

Aaron Yan

Not only is he talented, he is also incredibly dedicated, which I think is a skill in and of itself. He has injured himself multiple times, but still pulls through and performs! He has attended fan-meeting sessions despite an ear infection, done promotional events with a blood clot in his eyes (hidden with contact lenses), and even performed with a sprained ankle (probably not a good idea for anyone else). The amount of work he puts in just makes him all the more attractive!

Guys. Guys. Guys!!!! Look at those ninja skills! Perhaps he’s in the wrong profession? He manages to sneak into a ~forbidden~ area of his work and peek at his upcoming music video. I think we can all learn a lesson about sneaking around from him. For some more glimpses of this candid charmingness, check out his four episode reality show “Aaron Time,” where 21 hidden cameras were placed around his house to capture his everyday life.

Aaron and his leading ladies

Aaron Yan

Don’t worry ladies, he’s single! However, let’s be honest—that doesn’t mean he’s exempt from shipping. I know there are fans out there who fell in love with at least one of his on-screen couplings! To me, the most adorable ones are Gui Gui (“The Clue Collector”), Puff Guo (“Just You), Tia Li (“Fall in Love With Me”), and Joanne Tseng (“Refresh Man”). Personally, I loved him and Puff together—they were so good together that they even won the 2013 Sanlih Drama Awards Best Couple Award! I think that really says it all. Who do you ship with him? Here are some cute photos to help you make up your mind!

aaron yan compilation

Rather just picture yourself with Aaron? Then this is for you:

Upcoming works to look forward to

Refresh Man
Coming in just days is the first episode of “Refresh Man,” where he plays Ji Wen Kai, a former slacker who is now renowned for his ability to save companies. He ends up at MUSE Cosmetics, where his childhood rival Zhong Yu Tang (Joanne Tseng) is assigned his secretary. Can’t wait to see how this workplace romance will unfold!

Aaron Yan Kim So Eun

Something a little further down the road to watch out for is Chinese-Korean collaboration “Past Lovers,” where Aaron is cast opposite the ever-so-lovely Kim So Eun, who captured viewers’ hearts as Cha Ga Eul in “Boys Over Flowers“! In this drama, Kim So Eun plays a lantern maker who is devastated by the loss of a loved one. It’s supposed to be a romcom, which is my favorite kind of movie, so I can’t wait to see it!

Want even more Aaron? Here you go! (you’re welcome)

What’s your favorite Aaron Yan song or drama? Who wants to be his next leading lady?

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