Watch: BTS’s V Hilariously Feeds Kim Min Jae a Giant Piece of His Birthday Cake on “Celebrity Bromance”

On February 25’s episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” Kim Min Jae and BTS’s V wrap up their bro-date together by eating a snack of ramyun noodles in the park!

V runs back to the convenience store for a moment, and Kim Min Jae takes the chance to pull out a birthday cake he brought for V.

celebrity bromance kim min jae 1

When V returns, he looks totally touched, and Kim Min Jae encourages him to make a wish before he blows out his candles.

celebrity bromance v

Once he blows them out, V lifts up a whole piece of cake with his chopsticks and casually stuffs the entire thing in his mouth at once.

celebrity bromance v 2

When Kim Min Jae goes to take a piece for himself, V insists on cutting it for him. He then lifts it up to Kim Min Jae’s mouth, and says confidently, “You can fit it all in!” Although he ends up having to use his chopsticks to stuff part of the piece in, the pair succeed and Kim Min Jae chows down on the cake.

celebrity bromance kim min jae v

But he’s now got icing on his lips! When V stares at him, Kim Min Jae jokes, “Are you going to kiss me?”

Instead, V just wipes the icing away and says, “No way.”

celebrity bromance kim min jae 2

Later on, we see BTS members J-Hope and Rap Monster watching today’s episode. When it gets to the cake scene, they both beg V and Kim Min Jae through the screen not to rub the cake on each other’s faces. So when Kim Min Jae gets icing on his face, J-Hope shouts, “I knew it, I knew it!” as Rap Monster yells and bends over in embarrassment.

bts j hope rap monster

Watch the whole episode below with English subtitles!

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