Sean and Jung Hye Young Open Up About Their 12-Year Marriage

Sean and Jung Hye Young revealed a very romantic wedding pictorial.

On February 26, Elle Bride celebrated Tiffany&Co’s classic setting ring’s 130th anniversary by having a photo shoot with 13 different couples, including Sean and Jung Hye Young, in order to portray different stories of love.

In the pictorial, Sean can be seen a variety of clothes, from a modern and simple black suit to a colorful patterned one. Jung Hye Young is wearing a feminine lace dress while also sporting a minimalistic look. Their jewelry game is on point with Sean wearing a simple milgrain band ring and watch and Jung Hye Young wearing a setting ring. Together, the couple shines as bright as the diamonds in their accessories.

When asked how long he’s been married for, Sean said, “4134 days, 12 years,” remembering even the specific number of days.

“It’s fun for me to count how long it’s been since I’ve met the love of my life or proposed. Sometimes I get confused, but then I just count back from an important date,” he said.

“We maintain our relationship by taking care of ourselves in order to make sure the other person still feels attracted and trying to make personal changes rather change the other person,” they said.

Fans will be able to learn more about Sean and Jung Hye Young’s movie-like love story through the March issue of Elle Bride and their website.

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