Fantagio Trainee Takes Surprise Win in Vocal Assessment on “Produce 101”

On the February 26 broadcast of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” an assessment for the positions in the vocal team took place.

Dublekick’s Heo Chan Mi, Pledis’s Kang Kyung Won and Kim Min Kyung, Fantagio’s Lee Soo Min, SS’s Lee Soo Hyun, and Kconic’s Lee Jin Hee chose to cover BIGBANG’s “Monster,” with Heo Chan Mi taking the lead and center position.

mnet produce 101


All the girls put on a stable performance with no major mistakes, and in the live voting, Lee Jin Hee, Kang Kyung Won, Lee Soo Hyun, and Kim Min Kyung took 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd places respectively. Fantagio’s Lee Soo Min and Heo Chan Mi were left to battle it out for the top spot.

lee soo min produce 101 produce 101 lee soo min

To some people’s surprise, it was Lee Soo Min who took first place. “I’m glad,” the trainee said in an interview. “To be honest, I was a little bit envious that Do Yeon and Yoo Jung [trainees from the same agency] got a lot of attention, so I hope people can recognize me a little more now.”

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