Yook Sungjae Embarrasses Himself in Front of Joy With His Sleeping Habits

Yook Sungjae exposes BTOB’s Ilhoon’s sleeping habits, then goes on to embarrass himself with his excessive snoring.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” aired on February 27, Red Velvet‘s Joy and Yook Sungjae decide to take a midday nap in order to spend the day like a bum.

“I’m tired, so please do not snore,” Yook Sungjae jokingly tells Joy.

He then proceeds to say, “Ilhoon, the angel of BTOB, grates his teeth a lot.”

joy yook sungjae

Joy cannot help but laugh at his sudden confession.

However, it is soon revealed that Yook Sungjae’s sleeping habits aren’t much better. Joy wakes up at the sound of him snoring and later on comments that “the noise was more than you would ever expect.”

joy yook sungjae 3

Get a taste of what the episode is like in the preview below!

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