Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Rainbow’s Woori, and More Support Child Abuse Prevention Campaign

Seoul Police have recruited many more celebrities to help raise awareness for its campaign to prevent abuse against children!

The police force teamed up with Good Neighbors for their “Kind Report 112” project, which encourages people to call the police by dialing 112 when they see acts of child abuse. As part of the campaign, they have been sharing photos on Facebook of stars showing their support.

On February 27, they shared a new set of photos of celebrities holding signs or smart phones with screens that read, “Kind Report. You are a hero for preventing child abuse.”

The celebrities in this batch of photos include Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Rainbow’s Woori, Topp DoggKim Tae Woo and his children, Lee Guk Joo, and plenty more!

Check out the photos below!


taeyeon police

Kim Tae Woo:

kim tae woo

Lee Guk Joo:

lee gook joo

Topp Dogg:

topp dogg

Lee Sang Woo:

lee sang woo



Jung Si Ah:

jung si ah

Kim Yong Joon:

kim yong joon

Kim Dae Hee:

kim dae hee

Kim Shin Young:

kim shin young

Kim Won Joon:

kim won joon

Kim Jo Han:

kim jo han

Daniel Lindemann:

Daniel Lindemann

Park Sung Kwang:

Park Sung Kwang

Jo Jae Yoon:

Jo Jae Yoon

Ma Dong Suk:

ma dong suk



Shin Bong Sun:

Shin Bong Sun

On Joo Wan:

on joo wan

Yoo Sang Moo:

yoo sang moo

Yoon So Yi:

yoon so yi

Park Jin Hee:

park jin hee

Kim Jong Seo:

kim jong seo

Kim Heung Gook:

Kim Heung Gook

Choi Il Hwa:

choi il hwa

Lee Soon Jae:

lee soon jae

Lee Pil Mo:

lee pil mo

Lee Han Wi:

lee han wi

Lee Hae Jung:

Lee Hae Jung

Jang Dong Min:

jang dong min

Kim In Shik:

Kim In Shik

Jo Sung Ha:

jo sung ha

Choi Ki Hwan:

Choi Ki Hwan

Choi Jae Sung:

choi jae sung

Hong Ji Min:

Hong Ji Min

Bae Soo Bin:

Bae Soo Bin

Shin Min Chul:

shin min chul

Jang Ye Won:

Jang Ye Won

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