Potential Spoilers for “Cheese in the Trap” Ending Revealed; tvN Responds

On February 26, a drama industry representative revealed to a Korean media outlet a potential major spoiler for the ending of the popular tvN drama “Cheese in the Trap.”


“tvN’s ‘Cheese in the Trap’ is approaching its final episode,” the representative said. “It’s not certain where or how it will happen, but the ending will feature a time skip.”

“To say exactly what will happen would be a spoiler,” they continued. “In any case, they will be jumping forward in time to show what happened to the characters. We hope that it will be a successful conclusion and that the audience will not be disappointed.”

“Cheese in the Trap” has recently been embroiled in controversies with the original webtoon writer and representatives of actor Park Hae Jin. The webtoon writer Soonkki said, “Before the filming of Episode 14, I asked them to use a different ending than the one I have planned for the webtoon. But even so, the ending content and general direction was too similar. I’ve asked them again to change the ending.”

Park Hae Jin, whose representatives had lodged complaints about his character’s decrease in screentime over the course of the drama, said, “The filming went smoothly. The director treated us well and laughed a lot, and yet this sort of thing happened. It feels like the director is portraying Yoo Jung [his character] rather than me. I want to ask her why she’s not using the scenes that we filmed.”

A tvN representative responded, “All content related to the ending are spoilers, so we cannot confirm anything. Please check the broadcast.”

Two episodes of the drama remain and the last episode is scheduled to air on March 1.

Edit: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the director’s pronouns.

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