Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Say a Tearful Farewell on “We Got Married”

Virtual couple Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok can’t hold back the tears on their final episode of “We Got Married.”

In February 27’s episode, the pair are told that they’ll be filming their final date together on their own without the show’s staff so they can spend the time alone. Although they’re aware that today will be their last time together on the show, they have a great time shopping and eating in the popular shopping district of Myeongdong.

Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok then drive to the MBC studios to watch some of their old episodes together. In the car, Kang Ye Won sadly asks her virtual husband, “What happens when the video’s over?”

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“We’ll just say ‘See you tomorrow!’” jokes Oh Min Seok, but then adds, “It’s just our time on the show that’s ending, not our relationship.”

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They laugh and kid each other as they watch the video, but Kang Ye Won quickly gets teary. Oh Min Seok says he promised himself he wouldn’t cry, and goes to get her some tissues. But as they talk once he returns, it’s clear that he’s trying to hold back his tears.

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In her interview, Kang Ye Won says, “I tried hard not to cry, but I did anyway. We made a lot of great memories, and he had a big influence on me, so I was so grateful.”

When their date timer only has two minutes left, Oh Min Seok takes Kang Ye Won’s hand and says, “I was really happy to meet you.” Kang Ye Won replies, “Me too. I was happy too.”

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Oh Min Seok says to her, “Even after this is over, let’s stay in contact and help each other. Don’t think of it as the end.” Their timer then beeps, marking the final moment of their time as a virtual couple.

Kang Ye Won keeps crying, and Oh Min Seok warns her that if she keeps it up, he’ll start crying too. To comfort her, he says, “Let’s meet again next week.”

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Kang Ye Won says in her private interview, “I feel like I’ve gained a precious person, and from the beginning to the end he has been someone that’s always cared about me. I’m so grateful for each and every moment, in which he always tried to make everything fun for me.”

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Once again, she starts to cry. After she collects herself a bit, she says, “Let’s meet again soon and go to a dog cafe. Oh, saying that is so sad!”

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Oh Min Seok is unable to stop himself from crying during his own interview. “I feel like I’ve gained a precious person,” he says, surprising the hosts because he said the same thing as Kang Ye Won. “I’m always grateful to her for showing what she felt through her actions. She made me feel like I’m a better person than I thought I was.”

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The staff then surprises both of them with tickets to Hawaii, which they had planned to go to for their honeymoon. They’ll be able to use their tickets whenever they have time in the next 100 days, but they have to go together!

Watch part of their final interviews below!

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