Ladies’ Code Reflect on Their Long-Awaited Comeback

In a recent interview, Ladies’ Code shared their thoughts on making a comeback as a three-member group after a two-year hiatus.

“We really missed the stage […] It feels like we’re debuting all over again,” the girls said.

“We often look at comments, and there are a lot of people rooting for us. We not only get compliments on our new musical style but also encouragements telling us to stay strong,” they said, expressing their gratitude to their supporters and fans.

Member Zuny revealed that it has taken some time getting used to performing on music shows again. “It might be because it’s been so long since I’ve been in front of a camera, but during our first broadcast, I couldn’t find the camera,” she said. “I knew my eyes looked shaky, so I just looked straight in front of me throughout the performance.”

Zuny also dished on their eye-catching choreography, which consists of the male dancers lifting the members up on their shoulders. “It’s not hard for us. However, I think it’s very taxing on the dancers, so before we get on stage, we make sure to eat a lot,” she joked.

The girls concluded the interview with another thank you. “We returned after three years. There are so many fans who have patiently waited for us, and people in general have so generously encouraged us,” they said. “We will use all this positive energy to work even harder. We will return the kindness with a stage that doesn’t disappoint and even better music and performances.”

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