After School’s Nana Gets Scolded for the Way She Talks on “Real Men”

After School member Nana‘s stint on the female soldier’s special of MBC variety show “Real Men 2” is off to a shaky start.

During the February 28 broadcast, the squadron leader reprimands the cast members for being noisy in the quarters.

She yells, “I thought I told you to keep the noise down. Your voices can be heard from outside! Are you guys the only ones living here?”

In the middle of her reprimand, she calls out Nana for her aegyo.

“What’s wrong with the way you talk?” the squadron leader asks. “A soldier must talk forcefully like a solider.”

Nana responds, “I will fix it.”

The squadron leader continues, “Don’t look at the squadron leader like that. Okay?”

“I’m sorry,” Nana says, as she averts her eyes.

“Why are you acting so cute; are you a cat? Am I attacking you?” the commander asks.


Later in her individual interview, Nana reveals her frustrations with how people view her as trying to act cute.

“It makes me really upset. I’m just looking at them, and they’ll think I’m putting on aegyo,” she says.

Watch the clip below, and share with us your thoughts!

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