Choo Sarang and Yuto Tidy Up After Themselves on “The Return of Superman”

Choo Sarang and her best friend Yuto have really proven they’ve grown up on the show as they recently tidied up after themselves without having to be told.

On the February 28 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” Choo Sung Hoon and the kids decide to tackle life out in the Korean countryside. In the episode, Choo Sung Hoon tells Sarang and Yuto to go buy snacks at the local store without him.

yuto choo sarang

The kids each pick out their favorite snack and pay for it themselves, even making sure to take care of the leftover change. The two of them then sit side-by-side at a bus stop to eat their snacks, painting a heartwarming picture of young friendship.

However, the kids manage to chew their way through an entire package of gum at the bus shelter. But afterwards, Sarang and Yuto still make sure to pick up all the gum wrappers they dropped and make sure they leave no garbage behind before returning home.

Watch the episode below:

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