Gary and Song Ji Hyo Share a Jeju Island “Date” on “Running Man”

On the February 28 episode of “Running Man,” Gary and Song Ji Hyo were chosen out of all the members to complete a Jeju Island mission together.

The members who watch them go tease them a little, with Yoo Jae Suk saying, “It’s snowing a lot in Jeju Island. What if they really fall in love there?”

Despite the bad weather on the island, Gary and Song Ji Hyo joke around with each other as they carry out the mission. They have to eat their meal with only measuring spoons and straws and Gary teases Song Ji Hyo when she feeds him carefully with a measuring spoon.

gary song ji hyo

Later, he teases her again when she gives him a ring made from the binder ring holding the measuring spoons together. “You’ve been stringing me along like this for six years,” he complains jokingly. “Is this an engagement ring? Are you measuring my size?”

Song Ji Hyo eventually plays along. When the two of them almost miss their plane at the airport, she says, “I had no thought of getting on it anyway.” Their “couple” atmosphere apparently continues into the next episode, with the two of them paired together in the previews for the Dubai special.

song ji hyo gary

To see whether all the “Running Man” members completed their missions, watch the episode below!

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