iKON’s Bobby Is More Confident About His Looks After Appearance in “Infinite Challenge – Ugly Friend Festival”

Bobby looked back at his experience with “Show Me the Money” and “Infinite Challenge” and talked about how it has influenced his life.

On February 23, the group was interviewed by @star1. Due to the fact that Song Mino recently said in an interview that “Show Me The Money” was such a hard time for him and he would never go back, Bobby was asked what he thought of the show.

“’Show Me the Money’ was a special experience to me. Personally, if I were back in time, I would still participate in the show. I agree with Mino that survival shows are difficult, but thanks to it I experienced something very special,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also talked about his invitation to the “Introducing Ugly Friend Festival” special for the show “Infinite Challenge.”

“At first, when I received an invitation from ‘Infinite Challenge,’ I was taken aback. I’ve always thought I’m not attractive so I believed I fit the criteria. However, I’ve gained confidence in my looks since the Ugly Festival. Once I saw the show, I realized I’m better looking than I give myself credit for. I’m glad I went,” he said.


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