Six Bomb Talk About Their Radical “Sausage Outfit”

In the present day’s sea of girl groups, a single chance can lead to the group’s success. Six Bomb has grabbed at their chance of fame by wearing tight pink body suits, or “sausage suits.” Though the outfit has been deemed inappropriate for national TV, it has only gained more attention since then.

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On February 29, the group was interviewed by Star Daily News. When asked by how they felt about the attention surrounding their outfits, Dain said, “We never thought it would be this much of a big deal. Then suddenly our name was trending online, and we would receive more calls from those we know.”

“During our last performance, one fan brought a huge sausage and shook it like a glow stick,” Soa said. “These outfits are made out of latex and are really comfortable.”

“They are also very stretchy,” U Chung added.

“I also think the dance moves are more visible in this outfit,” Soa said.

As the saying “No pain, no gain,” the outfit has caused some uncomfortable situations as well.

“Air doesn’t circulate well, so whenever we dance, a rain of sweat falls whenever we move our arms, just like mist,” Dain said.

“One time the outfit ripped while I was on stage, and we had to fix it,” Yoochung said.

“Sometimes the neck is too tight and I feel like I can’t breathe when I’m dancing,” Hanbit added.

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