B.A.P Talks About Taking On a Different Musical Style With Track “Feel So Good”

The members of B.A.P recently sat down in the dressing room of a music show to talk with news outlet Sports World about their latest track “Feel So Good.”

B.A.P says, “We’ve returned with ‘Feel So Good,’ which has an uplifting feel instead of a powerful beat. It’s a song that’s easy to listen to in a cafe, or a car, or anywhere.”

Leader Bang Yong Guk says, “We wanted to take a break for a moment from music with a strong beat, and make music that is easier [to listen to]. That’s how ‘Feel So Good’ came about, but it also seems to fit us well.”

He adds, “When we perform this song on stage, we get really excited. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just us that’s excited, but I think it would be awesome if you watch our performance and enjoy it with us together.”

B.A.P first performed their new track at their concert “Live on Earth 2016 World Tour: Seoul Awake,” after a two-year hiatus. Bang Yong Guk says, “This was the first time we revealed our album’s tracks in advance at a concert, so it felt very different. Our members are all comfortable performing, and we enjoy meeting our fans. So this concert was even more meaningful for us, and we were pleased that we were able to have our fans listen to our new album first.”

When asked about the different atmosphere of this album in terms of both music and their image, member Himchan says, “Bang Yong Guk suggested the style this time around. I’ve always wanted to do this kind of music, and I think we thought we should try various different things.” He adds, “Powerful styles are good, but the uplifting feeling of ‘Carnival’ seems good too.”

Nevertheless, member Zelo makes sure to emphasize that B.A.P hasn’t made a permanent break from their style just because they’re trying a different concept this time around.

To wrap up, the group says they hope that they’ll be able to have a great time with fans, and that they’ll be able to finish up their promotions on a happy note.

After B.A.P finishes promoting “Feel So Good,” they will be going on a five-continent tour, starting in April. “This is our first international tour in a long time,” they say, “and so we will return after communicating with the rest of the world through music.”

What do you think of B.A.P’s shift from their usual sound with the track “Feel So Good”?

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