Giveaway: 6 Steps to Achieving Your Favorite Idol's Skin

Have you ever wondered how on Earth your bias looks so perfect, so naturally as you browse through photos? While in the West, there is a tendency to simply cover up your flaws with makeup, in the East, the philosophy is different – take care of your skin and beauty ensues. Here are six simple steps to achieve your idol-like looks:

1. Cleanse
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Imagine the number of gross things you encounter everyday. Your skin is really not that different. You may go through a lot but so does your face so when it comes to taking care of it, cleansing is the very first step. Whether it’s with oil like miss A’s Suzy, milk like Song Joong Ki, or even just plain water like JYJ’s Jaejoong – washing everything away and make sure you are working with a clean face is essential before you proceed.

2. Serum

Now that you have washed the craziness of the day away, you need to begin treating your skin. While they go by a variety of names – serum, essence, ampoule – all are essentially liquids that contain active ingredients that address specific skin concerns, from brightening to clarifying. After cleansing, make sure to let a thin layer of one of these serums soak onto your skin. It is essentially giving your skin the the right ingredients, something everyone from Girls’ Generation’s Yoona to After School’s Nana swear by.

3. Sheet Mask

To top things off before you get down to moisturizing, do a sheet mask! Sheet masks are cotton sheets drenched in essence and placed on your face in order improve absorption of the product into the skin. As mentioned before, essence is in the serum family, a liquid that contains an active ingredient but there is something about putting on a sheet mask at the end of a busy day that is not only good for the skin, but also good for the soul. Whether it’s SHINee or AOA, there is not a single idol in existence that does not partake in the sheet mask ritual so there must certainly be something to it.

4. Face Cream

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If you do nothing else, at the very least please do moisturize. Keeping your skin hydrated is giving your skin the energy it needs to function – to grow, to build, and to repair. Even the most potent of products can be rendered ineffective if your skin does not have the moisture to function. Moisturizer is the key to keeping it young, soft, and healthy. From 2NE1’s Dara to EXO’s Chanyeol, there is no way to look flawless without this critical step.

5. Moisturize Everything

The face is probably one of the more interesting parts of the human body simply because skin there is incredibly complex. From your eyes to your lips to your neck, the skin in these areas is different, possessing different needs and requiring different kinds of care. Not only should you moisturize, you should also make sure to moisturize everything. There are a variety of creams that can do the trick, just make sure your entire face gets the love.

6. Stay Updated on the Latest in Skincare

New products and regimens are created every day so you have to keep up to date with all of these changes! What are your favorite sources for the latest in skincare trends?

We’ve partnered with a new skincare line purpletale to bring you a giveaway of their 5 Steps to Lovely Skin Complete Facial Solution pack. They have all the aforementioned products packaged together in one convenient, travel size pack – the cleanser, the ampoule, the sheet mask, the face cream, and the neck cream – so that that idol skin is just 5 steps away!

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Five lucky winners will be randomly chosen on Friday 3/4 at 5pm PT  and messaged through Instagram.
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