BTOB’s Eunkwang Selected as New MC for “Enter-K” Program

BTOB’s leader Eunkwang will be following in the footsteps of Super Junior’s Ryeowook as the new MC for the YTN pop culture program “Enter-K.”

Ryeowook has been the MC for the program since its inception in early 2015. However, the Super Junior member will be stepping down from his position and Eunkwang will take over his duties starting March 6. He will be co-hosting with MC Ha Ji Young.

The BTOB member is the leader and main vocalist of his group and has gained a reputation for his funny personality on various reality programs. This is his first time as a regular MC on a TV program.

During the first recording for “Enter-K,” Eunkwang said, “While leading the members, I’ve always dreamed of becoming an MC. I’m grateful for the opportunity to realize that dream. I will work hard in order to continue the good work that my seniors had done before me.”

During the recording, it was reported that he shared good chemistry with his co-host and carried out the show well despite his inexperience. At the end of the recording, he said, “I will work tirelessly to keep moving forward. I hope that you will cheer me on.”

BTOB recently promoted their third Japanese original single “Dear Bride,” which reached as high as No. 2 on the Oricon Daily Chart and No. 1 on Tower Record Weekly Chart.

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