11 Videos Guaranteed to Make You a MAMAMOO Fan

MAMAMOO recently came back with “You’re The Best” and achieved an all-kill on the music charts. In case you haven’t been following them, here are 11 videos that will definitely convert you into a MooMoo!

11. “Delilah”

Let’s kick things off with this jaw-dropping cover. Not only are their vocals insanely good, but Moonbyul shows off her flawless rapping skills.

10. Sketchbook

MAMAMOO‘s appearance on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” is definitely one to watch. Start the video from 4:19 to see the subunits that had everyone cracking up. Solar and Moonbyul‘s rap unit created huge waves of laughter from the audience, while Hwasa and Wheein‘s sexy performance had everyone blushing — and laughing!

9. I’m Pretty Rapstar

MAMAMOO prove they’ve got a great sense of humor with this “Unpretty Rapstar” parody. Solar‘s impression of Jessi is so accurate! Here’s part 2 and 3 for you as well!

8. Born Hater

Watch MAMAMOO turn on their swag with this fun version of “Born Hater.” Wheein has some serious moves at 1:18!

7. “Body Party”

Moonbyul is not only an impressive rapper, she’s an amazing dancer, who has choreographed some of MAMAMOO‘s dances as well!


On stage MAMAMOO have such a fresh, funky image. But off stage they show just how funny they are! Helium balloons and idols are a winning combination!

5. Dance Medley

This dance medley of AOA‘s “Like A Cat,” Lovelyz‘ “Candy Jelly Love,” and A Pink‘s “LUV” is perfect. Their dancing is in sync but their quirkiness still shines through!

4. Neutrogena Foam Cleanser

Solar‘s CF parody for Neutrogena’s Foam Cleanser is hilarious! So much so, that fans now request her to do it! Cue lots of sassy hair flipping.

3. Halloween

One thing about MAMAMOO is that their friendship is so real. Their joking and giggling is so cute! They seem like any other group of friends out on Halloween.

2. Hit Medley

MAMAMOO always make songs their own. They blend other hits into their own song “Mr.Ambiguous” effortlessly!

1. First Win

MAMAMOO had never won on a music show before, and their emotions definitely show how happy they are! They were all so choked up with gratefulness that they could barely speak. Instead, they thanked every one on V Apponce they’d managed to wipe away the tears.

Hopefully now you know a little bit more about MAMAMOO. Maybe you can even consider yourself a MooMoo?

What’s your favourite thing about MAMAMOO, and who’s your bias?

vb2608 is a barista who just so happens to be BTS trash.