Uee Expresses Her Feelings About Acting as a Single Mom and Working With a Child Actress

During the press conference for MBC‘s new weekend drama, “Marriage Contract,” which was held on March 3, Uee starts off by saying, “I thought a lot about how to portray a character who is a single mom.”

She elaborates, “I received a lot of help on set from the director, and I talked a lot with Eun Sung (child actress Shin Ri An) as well. After talking and filming together, acting has become more relaxed. There isn’t anything in particular I did to prepare to act as a single mom. Instead, I wanted to act with the mindset that, ‘I am Hye Soo.'”

Kang Hye Soo, her character, is a single mom who loses her husband early on, and is only left with his debt. She lives alone with her seven year old daughter.

Uee provides more insight on her character, and explains that “Hye Soo is someone who’s really simple, yet truthful. She’s an energetic single mom who lives solely for her daughter Eun Sung.” She also talks about how “it will be the second time I play the role of a single mom, but there wasn’t any additional burden. I felt like I would regret it if I didn’t take on this role.” Uee’s first role as a single mom was in “Hogu’s Love.”

When asked about working with a child actress, Uee reveals, “I learn a lot from working with Eun Sung. When I act with her, I feel her innocence.” She also says, “If I received another offer to play a single mom, I think I would take it. I hope that people will look upon me kindly, without the stigma of me being a singer.”

Marriage Contract” tells the story of a man who thinks money is the only thing of value in life, and a woman who’s faced with the end of her life and how through a dramatic meeting, they slowly learn the true meaning of love. Written by Jung Yoo Kyung and directed by Kim Ji Min, it will air its first episode on March 5, at 10 p.m. KST.

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