Boy Group ZPZG Confirms Disbandment

On March 4, J Star Entertainment released an official statement regarding ZPZG’s disbandment through their official Twitter account.

The agency stated, “This is J Star Entertainment. Group ZPZG has come to disband on March 3, 2016. We thank you for the support you have given to ZPZG and J Star Entertainment. We will work hard to show you an improved image. We ask ZPZG fans for their deep understanding. Thank you.”

ZPZG (which stands for “Zest Play Zest Grow”) debuted in September of 2014 with “Go Crazy.” The four-member boy group consisted of members Khan, N.K, Gyeom, and Jihoon.

We wish the best of luck to the former members of ZPZG as they move onto a new chapter of their lives.

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