4Minute’s Jihyun Exudes Natural Beauty for Grazia

4Minute’s Jihyun recently posed for Grazia magazine opening up about her taste in beauty style. She even revealed beauty products she normally uses and talked openly about her know-hows in creating everyday natural looks.

The pictorial for Grazia magazine focused on her natural beauty. She took off the dark makeup and fancy hairstyle for the shoot, but rather focused on revealing her natural self without much makeup.


The photo shoot crew noted that Jihyun looked more natural and beautiful as she took off more and more makeup. It is said that not much retouching was done to her photos.


Jihyun commented, “I like feminine style and I think the style suits me. Not just in fashion, but also in perfume. I recently started liking Jennifer Lopez’s Glow by JLo again. I used to wear it when I was 20. But if I were to pick out a lifetime perfume, I’d pick Chanel No. 5. That perfume doesn’t suit me yet. But I’ll save it for when I’m more mature and experienced.”

More of Jihyun’s pictorial and detailed interview can be seen in Grazia magazine which will be released on March 5.

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