“Infinite Challenge” Expected to Visit Russia in April

MBC‘s hit variety show “Infinite Challenge” appears to be planning for a trip to Russia next month.

It was reported earlier today that the cast is expected to depart for Russia on April 4. All five cast members recently received requests to adjust their schedules for that day, and reports suggest that the producer of “Infinite Challenge” has now wrapped up negotiations with Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, the expected filming location of their next space-themed special episode.

Regarding the matter, a MBC representative commented to TV Daily, “We are adjusting the date and schedule for ‘Infinite Challenge’ members’ trip to Russia. Over the years, we have never revealed anything about their overseas schedules. Our position might change, but we currently have nothing to say.”

One of the show’s five major 10th anniversary projects is “Space Travel Project,” which was kicked off in January. At the time, main producer Kim Tae Ho told the members that they can expect to receive training at Russia’s Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center within the upcoming couple of months.

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