SHINee’s Jonghyun on Songwriting for Lee Hi’s Comeback

SHINee‘s Jonghyun has been revealed to have contributed his songwriting talent to Lee Hi‘s upcoming album.

In a recent interview, YG Entertainment founder and CEO Yang Hyun Suk talked about Lee Hi’s long-awaited comeback. “The title tracks of the half album that we are releasing on [March] 9 are ‘Breathe’ and ‘Hold My Hand,’ and notably the songwriter and composer of ‘Breathe’ is SHINee’s own Jonghyun,” he says.

“While reviewing the album, I heard a song that was slower than the other tracks. The song made a deep impression on me, so we decided to make it a double title track with ‘Breathe’ per Tablo‘s recommendation,” the CEO continues.

Yang Hyun Suk shares that Tablo took his time revealing who wrote the song. “It wasn’t until after we were ready to shoot the music video that Tablo told me that the song was written and composed by Jonghyun.”

“I think he was worried that I would be prejudiced towards the song if I know. (Laughs),” Yang Hyun Suk adds.

Jonghyun responded to the news of his participation in Lee Hi’s album on March 4 via his personal Twitter.

Attaching a photo of Lee Hi’s comeback teaser, Jonghyun writes, “It was so cool when Tablo hyung asked me to write a song for him, and now it’s finally coming out.”

“I was so grateful just for the request, that I don’t even know how many songs I wrote. So many were cut,” Jonghyun says candidly. “It’s a cool collaboration even for me.”

Jonghyun has been establishing himself as a singer-songwriter, with credits in songs for EXO, IU, Lim Kim, Son Dambi, and more.

Lee Hi’s comeback half-album is slated for release on March 9.

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