Stellar Dishes on Friendship With GFRIEND, Ideal Type, and Sexy Concepts

In a pictorial with International bnt, girl group Stellar talked about their sexy concepts, ideal type, and their friendship with rising girl group GFRIEND.

“‘Marionette’ was our last chance,” the girls explained in the interview. “We had to do a sexy concept in order to gain attention from the public.”

Hyoeun added, “I want to shed our sexy image and try for an innocent or cute concept. I want to find Stellar’s own unique color.” Gayoung said, “But at that time, we only had one chance. I only regret that we couldn’t build on the attention that we got.”


On the topic of ideal type, the girls of Stellar proved they were up with the times by naming recent “Cheese in the Trap” star Park Hae Jin as their ideal man. “I’m his fan,” Gayoung said. “I used to go to the same hair salon as him, but I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even look at him through the mirror. I regret that I didn’t greet him at that time.”

“I don’t care about age difference,” Hyoeun said about her own ideal type. “I want someone who has a cute, puppyish eye-smile.”

Member Minhee, on the other hand, revealed her close relationship with GFRIEND. “I’m close with Yerin,” she said. “She’s like my younger sister.”

Stellar, known for their sexy concepts in “Marionette” and “Vibrato,” recently wrapped up their promotions for their latest song “Sting.”

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