Agency Director Arrested for Instigating Celebrity Prostitution Deals in the United States

On March 5, SBS News released a report about an entertainment agency director named Kang (41 years old) being arrested by the police for approaching female celebrities and instigating illegal prostitution.

According to the report, Kang learned about the difficult financial situation of a female celebrity referred to as “A” and lent her a great deal of money.

The police explained that Kang told A she could repay her debt by going to the United States and having sex with a businessman called “B.”

It has been further revealed that B had been introduced to three other female celebrities as well. It appears as though Kang has a history of taking advantage of female celebrities experiencing financial difficulties.

Currently, B is estimated to have spent 90 million won (approximately $75,100) for the four women including flight and hotel expenses.

Kang is also being investigated for his profits in instigating illegal prostitution. He previously served a jail sentence of six months on similar charges and went on to continue his celebrity prostitution deals after being released.

The police have apprehended a total of 11 individuals related to this crime and believe there are more female celebrities involved.

Currently, there is a lot of speculation regarding the identities of the female celebrities in question but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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