Watch: New Couple Cao Lu and Jo Se Ho Meet for the First Time on “We Got Married”

On March 5’s episode of “We Got Married,” FIESTAR’s Cao Lu and comedian Jo Se Ho have their first meeting as the show’s newest virtual couple!

Before they meet, Cao Lu says she hopes that her virtual husband will act like the head of the household, and also lead her and teach her. When asked about what she hopes he looks like, Cao Lu says, “I’m not that picky about looks… but it would be good if he was handsome, of course.”

As she’s arriving at their meet-up location, she says, “I saw an article in the news. It said my partner is GOT7’s Jackson!” She also says she thinks it might be Jun Hyun Moo or actor Kang Ha Neul.

Meanwhile, Jo Se Ho says he would like it if his virtual wife had pale skin, and was energetic and cheerful.

When the two finally meet, Cao Lu is shocked and laughs as she says, “Really? I really have to love you?” In reply, Jo Se Ho apologizes with an embarrassed smile.

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“You don’t look pleased,” says Jo Se Ho. “That’s right,” replies Cao Lu without any hesitation, but apologizes when she sees his expression. “It’s not a joke, right?” she asks.

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Jo Se Ho points out that he fits the description she was given of him: he’s older than her, he looks like the head of a family, and he is fun. “You wish it was a joke, don’t you?” he says to her.

“Well, it’s my fate,” she replies. “I’m happy though!” says Jo Se Ho.

In her private interview, Cao Lu says, “I thought it was a prank! My husband must have been a bit flustered… but I think he’s happy.” She adds with a laugh, “Because I’m pretty!”

Watch their first meeting below!

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