BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Says Daesung Taught Him About Skin Care on “Entertainment Weekly”

BIGBANG member G-Dragon sits down for an interview on the set of a makeup commercial on this week’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly”!

When asked if he has any tips for skin care, G-Dragon says, “I use cleanser because I wear a lot of makeup.”

“I learned a lot from Daesung,” he adds. “He’s good at washing up. He says there’s a certain method of doing it.”

“He must pay a lot of attention to that!” says the interviewer. G-Dragon replies with a laugh, “He does. But I’m better at it than him.”

G-Dragon is then asked to reveal his secrets as a model in a makeup advertisement. He replies, “I’m grateful that they’ve cast me, but I always wonder why I’m doing it. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my skin, and I’m not someone who enjoys using makeup.”

g-dragon 2

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