BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Talks About Plans for 10th Anniversary Album on “Entertainment Weekly”

On March 5’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” BIGBANG member G-Dragon talks about how the group plans to celebrate their tenth year together since their debut.

While interviewing G-Dragon on the set of a makeup advertisement, the interviewer says to him, “BIGBANG has existed for ten years now! You must feel like family now.”

“That’s true, it’s been ten years since we debuted,” replies G-Dragon. “We also spent our trainee years together before that, so it’s been longer than ten years together. Now we really feel like family.”

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“So do all your members know that you’re here today?” asks the interviewer.

“I’m not sure,” answers G-Dragon. “My mom probably doesn’t know either!”

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The interviewer also comments, “I heard that you are working hard on an album! When do you think it will come out?”

“Since it’s our tenth anniversary this year, I think it will be a meaningful and important album for the five of us,” he replies. “Because of that, we’re being more cautious and trying not to rush.”

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“But we’ll be able to hear it within this year, right? Since it’s your tenth anniversary?” asks the interviewer.

“Well, it can’t be our eleventh anniversary album,” G-Dragon says with a laugh. “We’re working hard to put it out this year.”

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Are you looking forward to a new album from BIGBANG?

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