“Marriage Contract” Off to a Promising Start With Strong Premiere Ratings

MBC‘s new weekend drama “Marriage Contract” starring Uee and Lee Seo Jin attracted a large viewership for its premiere episode.

The first episode aired on March 5 reached an impressive 17.2 percent viewership rating. This puts “Marriage Contract” in second place overall in terms of drama viewership on March 5, with KBS2‘s “Five Children” ranking first with 23.6 percent.

“Marriage Contract” claimed the top spot in its time slot, leaving behind competitors KBS1‘s “Jang Young Shil” with 11.5 percent and SBS‘ “Mrs. Cop 2” with 9.2 percent. Particularly notable is the big difference in ratings between “Marriage Contract” and “Mrs. Cop 2” which both premiered that day.

Ever since details about the plot and cast were released, many viewers were curious about the on-screen chemistry between Uee and Lee Seo Jin, who made the headlines over their 17-year age difference. It appears that this pre-premiere hype contributed to the high viewership ratings.

Meanwhile, “Marriage Contract” is a melodrama about the romance between Ji Hoon (Lee Seo Jin), a man who believes that money can solve everything, and Hye Soo (Uee), a single mom who constantly lives on the edge of her life.

Catch the first episode below!

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