“Gag Concert” Reminds Audience Most Soldiers Do Not Look Like Song Joong Ki From “Descendants of the Sun”

During the March 6 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “Gag Concert,” the drama “Descendants of the Sun,” is used as a beginning punchline in the corner, “Explosive Situation.”

This particular corner parodies how North Korean soldiers and South Korean soldiers might interact at the DMZ, and features Kim Ki Yeol and Yang Sang Gook.

On this particular day, Yang Sang Gook suddenly takes a picture of Kim Ki Yeol, who’s dressed as a soldier, and acts like he uploads the picture onto social media with the hashtags, “‘Descendants of the Sun’ in reality? No Song Joong Ki.”

Kim Ki Yeol then retorts, “Who are you to be criticizing my looks? Especially when you look like an eel yourself,” making the audience burst out into laughter.

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