“K-Pop Star 5” Selects Top 8 Contestants

The Top 10 contestants on SBS’s audition program “K-Pop Star 5” began their battle for the final crown on March 6, eliminating two contestants from their ranks.

Woo Ye Rin performed first in the A Group, performing Yoo Jae Ha’s “Sad Letter,” pairing her warm voice with contrabass instrumentals to produce a standard jazz sound. Lee Soo Jung followed her performance with a unique cover of Yoon Mi Rae’s “As Time Goes By,” while Jung Jin Woo performed “To You” by Seo Taiji and the Boys, giving up a live band arrangement for a midi arrangement he composed on his own.

Meanwhile, Sophie Han covered “Crazy” by Son Dambi, and concluding the A Group performances was Yoo Jae, with her cover of Lim Jae Bum’s “Confession.”


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The judges picked Woo Ye Rin as first place of the A Group, and she and Lee Soo Jung and Jung Jin Woo joined the ranks of the Top 8. Sophie Han and Yoo Jae had to have a rematch, but in the end Lee Si Eun (not mentioned above) and Yoo Jae were selected by 100 voters to move on.

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Sophie Han and another contestant, Joo Mi Yeon (not mentioned above), were eliminated from the competition.

The Top 8 contestants are currently Ahn Yeeun, Mazinger S, Park Min Ji, Woo Ye Rin, Lee Soo Jung, Jung Jin Woo, Lee Si Eun, and Yoo Jae.

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