Watch: Super Junior’s Leeteuk Explains Why He Has a Huge Number of Drinks in His Fridge

Super Junior leader Leeteuk piqued fans curiosity when he shared a photo of the inside of his fridge on Instagram in December, but didn’t explain why his fridge was full of mostly drinks. On this week’s episode JTBC‘s cooking show “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” Leeteuk gets the chance to talk about the contents of his fridge!

When hosts Kim Sung Joo and Ahn Jung Hwan open Leeteuk’s fridge, they’re shocked to find that it’s mostly beverages, with the cans and bottles all in neat lines, and they comment that it looks like a convenience store.

please take care 1

Leeteuk laughs and says that’s the concept he was going for. He’s so particular about the arrangement of his drinks that he even asks the hosts to move an askew water bottle so it’s back in line with the others.

please take care 3

“My fans send me a lot of drinks,” explains Leeteuk. “I keep them all in the fridge. Also, those drinks from Japan and the single cans and bottles are mostly ones I’ve taken from somewhere.”

leeteuk 2

Everyone laughs, and Kim Sung Joo says, “There were ten or more cans of grape juice put in your dressing room.”

“They’re already in my bag,” jokes Leeteuk. He adds, “Even if I don’t like something, I keep it in case it might come in handy later. I might be able to re-gift it to someone who comes over to my house.”

leeteuk 3

In addition to the beverages, Leeteuk also has some various other food items, including eggs, peppers, soy paste, and his mother’s kimchi (which is wrapped in three plastic bags because he’s sensitive to the smell), as well as face packs given to him by fans.

“Looking at this, it doesn’t seem like there will be anything to cook with!” says Kim Sung Joo.

Watch the clip of Leeteuk’s fridge reveal below!

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