Yoo Jae Suk Donates 50 Million Won Worth of Coal Briquettes to Charity

“Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk continues to donate coal briquettes to those in need.

According to charity organization Coal Bank, the star recently made a donation of 100,000 coal briquettes, worth 50 million won (approximately $41,000).

This is his third consecutive year to give back to the community. He first got involved with Coal Bank in 2013 when using his earnings from a special “Infinite Challenge” episode to purchase coal briquettes for the charity, and has made annual donations ever since.

“Yoo Jae Suk donates coal every year. We’re talking about tens of millions of won. The amount differs each year, so I can’t give you exact numbers, but for many years, he has given hope to those in need,” a representative of Coal Bank expressed, and thanked Yoo Jae Suk for his continuous generosity.

The coal briquettes are expected to be delivered to 600 locations in Seoul and neighboring areas.

Last month, Sean and Jung Hye Young donated 500,000 coal briquettes via the same organization.

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