Updated: Red Velvet Drops “One of These Nights” MV Teaser and Group Photo

Update March 15 KST:

Red Velvet has uploaded a new group teaser photo, as well as a music video teaser for their upcoming track “One of These Nights”!

red velvet group

Update March 14 KST:

Red Velvet has now shared two teaser images for Irene, and a new audio preview.

red velvet red velvet irene

Update March 13 KST:

Red Velvet has released two new teasers for member Wendy, as well as an audio preview of their new track! Listen to it here.

red velvet teaser

red velvet wendy

Update March 12 KST:

A new group photo featuring Yeri, Joy, and Seulgi has been released. Furthermore, Wendys individual teaser has been revealed. See all of Red Velvet’s teasers below!

Yeri Joy Seulgi


Update March 12 KST:

Red Velvet releases teaser photos for member Joy today on the group’s official site and through Instagram. You can also hear a preview of Red Velvet’s new song “Light Me Up” here.

Joy the velvet red velvet 1

Red Velvet Joy

Update March 11 KST:

Red Velvet has released two additional teaser photos. This time Yeri is joined by Seulgi in a photo similar to a previously released photo that only had Yeri in it. Joy’s individual teaser has also been released.

Yeri Seulgi

Red Velvet Joy 1

Update 3/11 KST:

Seulgi teaser picture + audio teaser for “First Time” on Instagram

seulgi the velvet -

seulgi the velvet b

Update 3/10 KST: New teaser image of Irene reveals “The Velvet” as a mini album. Will be released next week on March 16.

the velvet - irene

Another Yeri teaser image was also released. the velvet yeri 3


It looks like the rumors of a Red Velvet comeback in March are true!

Their official site was updated today with a new large wallpaper image of Yeri wearing a pink dress.

red velvet the velvet yeri b

A similar image was also released on Red Velvet’s Instagram account along with the message “#THEVELVET #COMINGSOON.”


As “The Red” was the name of their previous album, it is probably safe to say that “The Velvet” will be the name of this upcoming release.”

An SM Entertainment source revealed last week that the music video had already completed filming.

We can expect more member teasers to come in the next few days.

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